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Here is how they connect

3-String Shape

A small shape made with three strings 


The classic - a pyramid from 2 strings

Keep Connecting​

Make a prism with 3 strings.
Connect another strings to make a cube, keep going

The Three Pyramids

Connect three pyramids to each other. Bunch them together, do a trick.

6 Strings - Truncated Tetrahedron

The sides are hexagons and triangles

10 Strings – Dodecahedron

Make a dodecahedron out of 10 strings. All sides are pentagons.

12 Strings – Truncated Octahedron

The sides are hexagons and squares. 

30 Strings – Truncated Icosahedron

The sides are hexagons and pentagons. This shape is widely known as soccer ball.

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